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Need help to manage the lifecycle of your software projects?

In this section you will find methods and models proposed by the Software Engineering presented in an accessible manner that seeks to accelerate their learning and understanding.

Existing methods and models explain brilliantly what to do to run a software development project, however, often do not tell us how. To do so, within each phase or activity of the methods and models shown here, you will find a set of patterns of product that will help you develop software products necessary to deploy the method or model that best suits the characteristics of your projects software.
This library provides a set of Product Standards, which are designed as a device that allows the encapsulation of knowledge among experts in software engineering to create any software product lifecycle software development. This knowledge, is presented in an accessible and easy way to understand, with the intention of promoting and disseminating the use and reuse of best practices of software engineering manner.

Library Methods and Models

The methods and models that are currently posted in this library are: