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How do you manage the knowledge of you software projects?

Knowledge is one of the most important assets in every organization, nevertheless due to the lack of time or the lack of a usable and accessible method to manage it, most of the organizational knowledge is lost and people involved in software development is always reinventing the whell each time they start a new project.

This library offers a set of Product Patterns, an artifact intended to gather the knowledge that software engineering experts have regarding the development of any software product created during the software development lifecycle; this knowledge is presented in an accessible and easy-to-understand way, in order to promote knowledge reuse and to spread the use of software engineering best practices.

How to use Product Patterns

Product Patterns were coined to determine how software product should be created during the execution of a software project.

From the perpective of product patterns, a product or software product, is as anything to be produced during the whole software development process. It could be a software requirements specification document, a use case diagram, a class diagram, a testing case or even a piece of code.

In order to use them, project managers or software developers are able to attach one or several product patterns to a project's activity bases on the following rule:

IF you find yourself in this context
(and) with this problem
(and) entailing these forces
map a product pattern in your project (and) look for product patterns

For a better understanding of the above rule, please watch the following videos.

Explanation and Example Product Patterns

Explanation of Structure Product Patterns

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